Need packaging for your product about to hit the market any minute? An ideal product packed in a glass or small bottle needs also good packaging. You may have it thanks to DTP packaging. Packaging largely determines whether selling of the product will be successful.


DTP means designing and preparing materials for printing. It’s a multi-step and complex process. The selection of images, content and creation of graphics, plays a very important role in the subsequent activities. We know that graphics and visuals are of crucial importance, as they draw the recipient’s attention and encourage them to purchase the product. Let your customer be attracted to your product by the packaging made by us.


Our digital prepress specialists use experience obtained over years of working in the printing industry. Their knowledge and qualifications let us provide the products and services in the highest quality. Our offer is very wide, so each customer can choose a solution that fits their individual needs and budget.

The goal of the printing house is to produce color and enhanced packaging, as well as flap and cut boxes, stands and displays. However, graphic design is what we do first. This is the moment we use our creativity and ideas. It is also the time of graphic processing and endless revisions. There is still time for change at this stage. Packaging prepared for printing in this way can ultimately be solid and laminated, with offset or flexographic printing.


Thanks to the use of modern software and effective cutting and printing plotters we can design almost every type of packaging or stand, for which we will create a prototype also with digital printing. What’s more, instead of physical models, we can also prepare 3D models in the form of pdfs with the ability to freely rotate and preview the packaging along with the graphics.

Then we can present a model of the designed packaging with graphics in the form of virtual reality. This allows you to see your yet-to-be-realized project – your product – on a store shelf, on the counter – wherever you point your smartphone’s camera. We probably don’t need to convince anyone today that the design of packaging is insanely important, as purchasing decisions largely depend on it. That is why graphic design of packaging is so important.