In addition to the traditional, widely known offset printing technology, we have the option of UV offset printing – which allows printing on non-absorbent materials such as PVC or PE. Thanks to UV technology, we can coat printed sheets with hybrid varnishes in a single pass through the machine.

An additional advantage of our company is offset printing directly on F-type corrugated cardboard. This allows us to get high-quality multicolor printing on cardboard without lamination.

We wanted to achieve a higher level of offset printing so we have implemented two modern technologies


A technology that enables selective and high-resolution metallization of white sheets of paper and simultaneous offset printing of this material – with a single pass through the machine. This process gives us the ability to obtain metallic colors across the CMYK color spectrum and selective placement of metallic surfaces without using expensive fully metallized cardboard or white paint.


KARTON-PAK patented technology of selective varnishing of printed sheet with varnish with hologram effect Holographic pattern placed on the varnish can have any shape designed on request. A hologram included in varnish is a very good manner for securing the packaging against illegal counterfeit of packaging – it protects the customer’s brand.