As a producer of laminated packaging, we offer a rich collection of boxes, cardboard packagings and other special packaging based on solid paper material. Packaging of this type is a great alternative for standard boxes or packaging made of solid or corrugated cardboard, as they have additional visual and quality advantages. This is possible thanks to the use of the laminating process for their production.


Laminating is a process consisting in combining various types of cardboard (a thicker corrugated cardboard with thin solid paper). When we talk about laminating, we don’t mean a process of wrapping the cardboard packaging with a foil, but with a paper. Laminating is a polygraphy method used to combine solid cardboard, which is printed in any manner using offset print with corrugated cardboard providing a solid base for the packaging. Laminated packaging combines the best print quality with the highest durability parameters.


We offer various types of laminated packaging. It is up to the customer to decide which packaging design he is interested in. We produce boxes including simple flap packaging, die-cut packaging or any form of boxes according to the FEFCO catalog or advertising stands. The packaging can be 100% customized. We laminate both from external and part of internal side of the packaging.

A major advantage of our laminated packaging is not only the visual qualities and high durability of the material, but also adaptation to recycling and reuse (the boxes meet all environmental standards).


Our boxes are offered both to individual customers (e.g., as gift solutions), as well as to wholesale customers from various industries. In particular, these solutions are popular in such business areas as food, household chemicals, electronics and publishing. All of our packaging has dedicated strength and quality.