Cardboard packaging is one of the primary methods used to effectively secure and transport goods, as well as conveniently segregate or store various types of items. It may be used in many ways and choosing high-quality cardboard packaging allows you to gain a number of benefits. A very important feature of the cardboard packaging is their marketing aspect – packaging is the so-called silent salesman and it is on its design, workmanship and attractive appearance that the sales success of your product depends. Check what types of cardboard packaging are included in the offer of KARTON-PAK CIESZYN.


KARTON-PAK is a family business operating in the field of cardboard packaging production. Our activities are based on a 30-year experience in this industry and we continuously improve and enrich our abilities in order to provide our clients with innovative solutions. Those are durable and long-lasting cardboard packagings available in many sizes or design and graphic versions, which are tailored to the needs of a very wide audience.

Our cardboard packagings are made with respect to the needs of individual clients or companies operating in the field of commerce, services, production or distribution and in many other industries. We do our best to meet all their expectations and thus we offer our clients various types of cardboard for packaging, transport, shipping or display of goods on store shelves. Basic types of cardboard offered by KARTON-PAK CIESZYN include:

  • Flap (transport) packaging made of corrugated cardboard with flexo print or with no print
  • All types of strips from the corrugated cardboard with flexo print or with no print
  • Laminated packaging with offset print and other enrichments
  • Packaging made of solid cardboard with offset print and other enrichments
  • Stands and store displays
  • Packaging for shipping

Depending on the preferences and requirements of the application, we can produce customized cardboard packaging for our customers.


Our cardboard packagings are multipurpose products, which may be used in many situations and industries. Our clients appreciate us for many reasons:

  • we use only high quality materials for the production;
  • we implement specialized processes using modern machinery and specialized software;
  • we are experienced and well-qualified team, which very diligently implements production processes;
  • our cardboard packaging is very durable and resistant to mechanical damage;
  • we provide excellent protection of the contents from accidental damage;
  • thanks to our packaging you may transport your goods with no worries.


  • Flap boxes (transport packaging) made of corrugated board with or without flexo printing
  • All kinds of corrugated board blanks with or without flexo printing
  • Laminated packaging with offset printing and other finishing
  • Solid cardboard packaging with offset printing and other finishing
  • Displays and advertising stands
  • Mail order packaging